Khodiyar Consultancy

Interior Walkthrough

KES -Powered 3D Rendering Will Take Your Project Development To The Next Level – Same-day, Our Big Team Of Experienced And Creative 3D Artists Is Always Ready To Turn Your Interior Design Ideas Into Visual Masterpiece. Our 3d Interior Artists Create Realistic Interior Rendering And Detail The Atmosphere, Mood And All Elements Of The Whole Picture As Well As Select The Appropriate Décor.

Project Development

Connect your client with your innovation. Animations can make clients fall in love with the details of your project and become truly fascinated in your vision.


Promote your services with realistic 3D renderings of your business ideas. We can help you create Home décor like Bedroom, Drawing room , Kitchen renders for your portfolio website and visualizations for social media. Make everyone fall in love with your design.


Promote your skills and services with first-class 3D interior visualization. Make a striking portfolio, impactful website and engaging social media


Our Process



On This Stage We Need To Find The Best Camera Position To Show The Clients Interior In The Best Way. Some Angles Will Be Focused On Details, While Others Will Present The Full View Of And Object. We Usually Use Several Perspective Camera Angles In 3d Interior Rendering



Visualization With Grey Materials. We Create Space According To Briefs, Moodboard And Drawings (Or Models). Once we have worked through the revision process for the still image drafts and animatics, we will send you a low-resolution draft animation for feedback to refine the project further. The draft is done in low resolution to cut down on time it takes the computer to create the animation



Delivery of your full-resolution final animation. Once you have signed off on the animation, the full-resolution final draft generated. If you require any changes at this point, other than issues that are made visible by the higher resolution draft, they will be at an additional cost.