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CFD Simulation

CFD Simulation

Through CFD Simulations Services, KES is resolving industries’ concerns to better understand the fluid behaviors and effects in order to design and build solutions.


Our interdisciplinary KES engineering team excels in resolving challenging issues whether the fluid behavior involves Single or Multiphase, Steady or Unsteady, Laminar or Turbulent, Compressible or In-compressible, Rotational or Irrational, One, two and three dimensional fluid flow to satisfy the development needs.

KES is at your service to provide full-fledged design engineering support that involve fluid as the serious element that imposes critical challenges during development, like:

  • Forecasting of performance, optimize & preventing design for cavitation in turbo machinery products like pumps, turbines, fans, blowers, etc.
  • Numerical predictions of vehicle body aerodynamics effect, Cooling & climate control, Combustion and lubrication phenomena in engine, exhaust system performance in automotive, aerospace and marine industries
  • Forecasting of the performance of HVAC system in particular ambient conditions, fluid flow behavior & heat transfer in heat exchanger systems
  • Fluid flow simulation in pipe & valve, simulation of heat transfer in electronics cooling system, Simulation of high rheology and reacting flows etc.

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