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Cad Drafting Support

Cad Drafting Support

KES CAD Services Support customers to Create accurate 2D drawings or 3D Models of any residential, commercial or town ship Projects.

Our skilled CAD designer can create precisely-scaled technical drawings from any format like JPEG, PDF , PNG , etc.

Convert paper drawings into CAD formats for Easy sharing, faster editing, better documentation and better coordination.

SCAN Cloud data to BIM 3D development offers architectural construction drawing to

 The client which improves transparency,  communication, and collaboration during  any renovation or refurbishment process.

Ensure that our 2D AutoCAD Drawings are always as per industry standards and have appropriate formats & layouts as per client specifications.

Ensure that our 2D AutoCAD Drawings are always as per industry standards and have appropriate formats & layouts as per client specifications.

Timely delivery of CAD Drawing Services enabled construction companies to boost their construction process and gain an edge  over their competition

Floor Plan development from 2D DATA. Furniture drawing from concept to final working drawing.



3D floor plan,  is a virtual model of a building floor plan, depicted from a birds eye view, utilized within the building industry to better    convey architectural plans , The accuracy of a 3D floor plan helps the customers form a better view of the building before construction even    takes place even

3D floor plans provide enhanced visualization capabilities, thus offering an accurate view of the construction . For real estate companies and  property developers 3D floor plans can be a sales booster as it engages potential customers with interactive floor plans


  • Architectural Plans, elevations and sections  Details.
  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Interior elevations, doors and window schedules, Bill of materials of various components
  • Layouts and site plans with color legend
  • Cadastral maps, topo sheets, Underground electrical and telecommunication cabling drawings,Rainwater, floodwater, Ground level detail.
  • Details of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level.
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams, Isometric piping drawings, Piping and anchorage drawings
  • Design of Switchboards, Control Panels and Logic circuits used in large Electrical installations.
  • Village maps – cadastral mapping
  • Topographical maps
  • Digitization of maps detailing utilities like underground cabling, piping, sewage system, water systems, natural Gas piping, etc. as per real world co-ordinates, for GIS projects
  • Correctness and Quality
  • Quickly Accessible Database and Templates
  • Easy Workflow and Modifications
  • Cost-Effective

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