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Structural BIM Modeling

Structural BIM Modeling

KES have a skilled and experienced team of Structural BIM Modelers, Steel Structure detailers and engineers have the knowledge and experience of working on complex and various structural projects.


  • 3D floorplan, is a virtual model of a Residential or Commercial floor plan, giving a birds eye view of architectural plans.
  • 3D floor plan shows realistic Interior element with furniture, Staircase , toilet , doors , windows and Floor area with applied texture.
  • 3D floor plan is giving space movement ideas and complications in Architectural plan to redesign before actual development.
  • Construction of 3D floor plan is built utilizing advanced 3D rendering tools ,through complex lighting , staging, camera, and rendering techniques 3D floor plans appear to be real photographs rather than digital representations of the buildings after which they are modeled.
  • It is also the presentation of building floor-plan in an advanced manner, bringing it to real life views
  • KES Team of  architects, interior designers and 3D Artiest who transform preliminary  designs into a 3D floor plan . KES team have combine experience of more then 17 years for software tools, skill employee management, creativity and passion to deliver 3d floor plan with a unique way


Revit Structure is software for Building Information Modelling . Revit supports a multi discipline design process for collaborative design. Its powerful tools let you use the intelligent model-based process to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

It also minimizes the risk of errors caused by miscommunication as all process goes through a single system. Coordination is also achieved through its multiple project.

Collaboration with Architectural and MEP models and detailing simultaneously. It help save time by creating physical and analytical structural models in a single application.


  •  Visualize 3D structure model which connects 3d design to 2D detailing.
  •  Streamline workflows for efficient detailing
  •  Improves collaboration between architecture, structure and MEP Model as well with details
  •  coordinate your models across multiple disciplines
  •  Minimize errors and save cost of revision.
  •  Automate fabrication and improve execution on site
  •  Enhances structural quality
  •  Integrate structural analysis and design to produce
  •  better outcomes for site work
  • engineering design- modeling which includes all types of structures
  • Detailing for steel, composite, reinforced concrete, pre-stress, post-tensioned, masonry/block.
  • Analysis for loading ,seismic, wind continuous beams, rolling load, steel design (beams, torsion, columns) and connections (base plates and bolts)

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