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Steel Structure Details

Steel Structure Details

Create accurate drawings , data for fabrication , reduce repetitive task ,wastage after Production and seamless collaborations between designer , fabricator and contractors

Steel Structure details and delivery of fabrication drawing is complex task to match delivery time.

  • Steel structure detail includes Steel detailing solutions for toe plates, girt systems and gage plates, stairs and handrails, grating details, studs, treads, ladders, nosing, cages, etc.
  • In the case of steel design products such as sections, bolts and fabricated steelwork demonstrates that the product complies with the relevant harmonized standard.
  • Development of 3D atomically generate 2D drawing and BOM for Fabrication component which help wastage under purchase product as per revision of drawing and BOM
  • Cost calculation is very easy after getting accurate BOM of Steel Structure and Fabrication component
  • Perfect Integration between structure designer, Fabrication Supplier , Purchase team and steel contractors – all team are at a same drawing Set.


This immense strength is of great advantage to buildings.  The other important feature of steel framing is its flexibility.  It can bend without cracking, which is another great advantage, as a steel building can flex when it is pushed to one side by say, wind, or an earthquake.  The third characteristic of steel is its plasticity or ductility.  This means that when subjected to great force, it will not suddenly crack like glass, but slowly bend out of shape.

This property allows steel buildings to bend out of shape, or deform, thus giving warning to inhabitants to escape.  Failure in steel frames is not sudden – a steel structure rarely collapses.  Steel in most cases performs far better in earthquake than most other materials because of these properties.


  • Highly durable metal.
  • Structures are earthquake resistant compare to concrete.
  • Steel structures have a good load carrying capacity unlike concrete structures.
  • It has a high strength to weight ratio. Steel structures weigh is much lesser than concrete.
  • The construction process is faster with steel structures as they are easy to erect.
  • This contributes to faster project completion.
  • Having a good scrap value also makes structural steel a better option than concrete which has practically no scrap value.
  • Steel structures can be easily fabricated and mass produced.
  • They are so versatile that they can be easily assembled, disassembled and replaced.
  • Steel structures can be modified even for last minute changes.
  • Another advantage of steel structures is that they can be constructed off-site by professional steel fabricators and then assembled on site.
  • Steel structures are an eco-friendly option as they are easily recyclable.
  • This means you get to save money in waste management.
  • Steel structures are easy to transport as they are lightweight.
  • Steel structure construction is a safe option.
  • NO health hazards of using steel structures in construction.

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