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3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plan

3D floor plans have reached to the highest level of importance with the development going on in the architectural sector.


  • 3D floorplan, is a virtual model of a Residential or Commercial floor plan, giving a birds eye view of architectural plans.
  • 3D floor plan shows realistic Interior element with furniture, Staircase , toilet , doors , windows and Floor area with applied texture.
  • 3D floor plan is giving space movement ideas and complications in Architectural plan to redesign before actual development.
  • Construction of 3D floor plan is built utilizing advanced 3D rendering tools ,through complex lighting , staging, camera, and rendering techniques 3D floor plans appear to be real photographs rather than digital representations of the buildings after which they are modeled.
  • It is also the presentation of building floor-plan in an advanced manner, bringing it to real life views
  • KES Team of  architects, interior designers and 3D Artiest who transform preliminary  designs into a 3D floor plan . KES team have combine experience of more then 17 years for software tools, skill employee management, creativity and passion to deliver 3d floor plan with a unique way


3D floor plan,  is a virtual model of a building floor plan, depicted from a birds eye view, utilized within the building industry to better    convey architectural plans , The accuracy of a 3D floor plan helps the customers form a better view of the building before construction even    takes place even

3D floor plans provide enhanced visualization capabilities, thus offering an accurate view of the construction . For real estate companies and  property developers 3D floor plans can be a sales booster as it engages potential customers with interactive floor plans


  • A floor plan provides a preview of the architectural project. It shows how the space is divided and indicates the dimensions and measurements of the various elements such as window and doors.
  • The diagrammatic view of the building enables us to calculate the amount and the volume of all rooms.
  • 3D Floor Plans make the visualization much easier and these are very close to reality.
  • The view after placing the furniture in the room can be understood by 3d floor plan.
  • The location of windows of the rooms can also be predicted by 3D Floor Plans.
  • The distance Between rooms and other parts of building are easily predictable.
  • The location of doors ,Windows , Eatery ,Exit are easy to understand.
  • 3D floors plan gives striking effect to the client on first view and more engaging client to words the design with lesser revision specially for interior designer.
  • 3D floor plan are developing now a days for sales and marketing purpose which makes developers life easy in day to day approach.
  • 3D floor plan can be converted under virtual reality and interactive

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