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FEA Simulation

FEA Simulation

Through FEA Simulations Services, KES is helping industry to take data driven concise decisions regarding structural, thermal and dynamics field related complex issues in the early stage of design by avoiding or reducing actual experimentation cost & time.


At KES, our certified engineers use the professional FEA tools to model complex structural and thermal problems. Our dedicated research team digs deep in your problem and apply key conditional parameters  to simulate the interest scenario in the high configuration computers. Advanced FEA software calculate the results based on the given inputs & mathematical model, and generates results to process further analysis, discussion in order to fetch concise outcomes which will facilitate you to improve product performance, longevity and safety in the early stage of design and avoids late stage design changes which leads to save project time and cost.

Our multidisciplinary engineering team is capable to model & simulate various  structural, thermal and dynamics related issues like:

  • Part failure analysis and limiting case simulation
  • Design validation for worst loading case scenarios
  • Life cycle assessment test under given loading conditions
  • Design optimization for weight and cost reduction
  • Thermal analysis in high/ low temperature applications
  • Simulation of cross disciplinary interaction systems like fluid-structure
  • Modal analysis for harmonic frequency assessment
  • Implicit-Explicit dynamics issues like product drop test, crash test etc.

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