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Scan To BIM

Scan To BIM

Multiple scanner which is available in the market from small range to big range scanning capacity manufacture by FARO, Hexagon etc.

KES Team and Association are not limited to develop architecture and Structure drawing from SCAN Data but we can offer services to customer for SCAN DATA at customer Site.

  • After getting Laser SCAN data , KES Skill engineers work in a way to develop 3D BIM Model which help clients to develop various Drawing sets , floor plan and structural details depends on the scope of work, complexity of Project.
  • SCAN to BIM is very useful for Historical Monuments, Residential and commercial Buildings, Infrastructure Projects, Industrial Products.
  • The process of creating, manipulating and placing native BIM componentsby directly referencing the underlying point cloud is consider as SCAN to BIM.
  • KES aim to association with our clients to generate accurate and detailed BIM Model from Point Cloud Data, as well as to recreate existing elements and make new models
  • SCAN to BIM model can also be useful to develop Virtual Reality model for many tourism Places which give wonderful experience to new generation of existing technology
  • SCAN to BIM can be developed for exterior and Interior both Purpose.
  • Small and accurate details during the scanning Process is give more flexibility to develop 3D Model to fetch information.
  • To get more Accuracy at many complicated shapes it required Still Photography as a Reference


Getting familiar with reality capture and working with point clouds for the first time can be overwhelming. From selecting the right tools for the job to managing large data files effectively, there is much involved in delivering a successful Scan to BIM project.

Our panel that will help you deliver accurate and timely Scan to BIM projects. You’ll discover how to tackle the most common project challenges and pitfalls at every stage of the Scan to BIM process so your  job will be a success!

Highlights from the session include:

  • The most common rookie mistakes during field acquisition
  • The pros and cons of different methods
  • To clean, or not to clean… that is the question
  • Walking the line – accuracy vs. nominalization
  • Deliverable & Time management


  • SACN to BIM is helping customers to get Accurate Drawing set which suppose very difficult to make by using manual Process.
  • 3D BIM Model can be use for Virtual Reality for Sales and Marketing Purpose where it is required.
  • MEP and Structure data can be use to identify strength of building by using software Analysis tools.
  • 3D can be used for energy consumptions planning and redesign Project for more ventilation planning.
  • 3D BIM Model in Software open more visualization for redesign and cost effective solutions rather then new building development
  • SCAN to BIM helps in improved transparency.
  • Communication and collaboration with Architecture , Structure and MEP Drawing
  • BIM model generated from the scan data allows more reliability & quality assurance
  • Reduces the construction cost by designing planned work flow with Proper cash flow management
  • SCAN to BIM ease’s project alterations and assists in faster decision making
  • Using BIM throughout the building process leads to better sustainability in the project
  • With the virtual creation of BIM model from scan data helps eliminate costly mistakes during construction

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