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Technical Publications

Technical Publications

Through its Technical Publication Services, KES is transforming old version technical content into the latest digital formats through concise textual and visual arrangements in order to impart streamlined information management for various industrial purposes. Our experienced technical writers, editors, and illustrators are capable to produce purpose-based that comply with your required standards and formats.

Technical Illustrations

Convey complex nature technical communication as per the type of audience with the required level of detailing in dimensions, proportions, impressions, and intentions for achieving accuracy and effectiveness in understanding. Types of technical illustrations: Conventional line drawings, Exploded view drawings, Cut-away drawings, Clip art images, etc.

Content digitization & migration

Keep all data and information in an organized manner by digitizing it from paper format or migrating from one digital platform to another for efficiency goals which will help you to present and access content in a better way with benefits like centralized content management and sharing, standardizing the formatting, easy updatability, improved security, and archive management.

Illustrated part lists & catalogs

Convey the information to the users to correctly identify the required part and its relevant part number for assemble-disassemble or understand the system.

Component Maintenance & Operation Manual

Convey information regarding standard operating & maintenance procedures with defined instructions and responsibilities for separating the task and maintenance staff members.

E-Learning Content

Deliver internet-based learning or training programs through effective and engaging slides, training videos, e-books, VR-AR based content.


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