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Structure Quantity Take-off

Structure Quantity Take-off

Structure design Quantity take-off is very important area for developer to identify tentative costing during design phase and actual before real-life construction .

Estimating of structural steel can be a complex activity because of the variety of members, member sizes, applications, fabrication requirements, detailing, and connection types. Erection methods, equipment used, and project conditions also play significant roles in pricing of structural steel.

  • Systematic estimating approaches can, however, serve to make the job of the estimator easier. An overview of steel estimating techniques, as well as a discussion of factors influencing the cost of steel construction are presented using software tools.
  • Structure designers provide 2d detail drawing , BIM Structure model can be develop from 2D to 3D model with all Structure details to extract Architectural Quantity which help structure designer to identify structure qty with batter accuracy.
  • KES Team using various tools to identify costing using steel structure 2D Drawing which really saving cost for developer and time for design consultants but it’s a time consuming process compare to BIM Model development.
  • BIM Structure model can extract Structural Quantity takeoffs and schedules from structural models for our clients.
  • These takeoffs can be used for ordering materials, planning manpower and budgeting the overall construction costs


Construction is not as simple as it seems. It not only needs workforce for building but also requires tedious work for the calculation of material quantities, costs and expenses. With the emergence of advance software’s, there is a solution for every lengthy process. Today BIM Technology take a part of construction estimating. Contractors use these applications to quickly do the estimates and prepare bids.

These help the contractor to quickly estimate the budget for a new contract according to the available drawings and client’s requirements. Here plan-Swift is a digital construction estimating software, which is suitable for all kinds of construction projects including industrial and residential buildings. You can create a new job and import the project drawings in PDF/TIF/DWG format.


  • Quantity Surveyor is a specialist person who is concerned about the costs and is mainly responsible for preparing schedules for a project after quantification of all the construction, steel related material and labour. Previously the quantification was done by the analytical measurements from the drawings, which is a very cumbersome process.
  • Entry of AutoCAD had simplified that work, but still there are many difficulties that are being faced by the Quantity Surveyors while using AutoCAD for doing the quantity take-offs.
  • BIM is a Process to identify Structural Qty which we can fetch it using Autodesk Revit Software.
  • Following are the important 5 benefits to use Software for Qty take off.
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Integrations
  • Cost and time saving
  • Structural Quantitate take-off have many more advantages for developers to justified ROI using software tools

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