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Product Design

Product Design

KES is assisting firms to create innovative products by synching its multidisciplinary design engineering capabilities with their development strategy, in order to define effective & meaningful relationship among Product’s function, form, material & manufacturing process. Because holistic selection and arrangement of these four variables justify the targeted customers’ primary needs that “what product does?” and “How product looks?”


Function design is the central element of product design that describes “what a product does?”, imparts solution to user’s problem.  When users use a product, their brain functions in two part: to interpret the physical state of the product and to determine how well it is satisfying to resolve their problem. In order to answer such important queries, KES design team delves more deeply into the psychology of human actions for designing required features into the product that meet targeted users’ expectations and intentions.

Form design is about answering “How product looks?”, by specifying product architecture, its shape, color, texture and other factors relating to its structure according to its functionality concerns. For the mutual benefits of you and your targeted customers, KES design team pays great attention to optimize the product function, the value it delivers, and appearance of the product by emphasizing on the intended product’s emotional impact, understandability, usability, aesthetics of form and material.

During proceedings on the functional & form design of the product, the Material and Manufacturing process which will be used to produce the product, is also the important factor to the product design. Because it has concern with the firm’s ability to produce the product within targeted product cost, quality and time to market. Along with the product design, KES design team continuously pay much attention to discuss with you about your business and production variables that are related to design in order to select the right material and manufacturing process to make product cheaper, better and faster.

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