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Structure CAD Services

Structure CAD Services

2D details to 3D for batter Visualization of Structure details and 3D to 2D Conversation for Architectural Quantity-take off and many more.

Creating a BIM or Structural model from paper is generally an exercise for an existing building, with the paper drawings inputs instead of CAD files. It is very similar to the process of converting paper drawings to CAD.

  • This services can be use for both Purpose to convert 2D in to 3D Model as well to Convert 3D BIM or Architectural model in to 2D Details Drawing set. It should appear to improve productivity and inter changes of structure cad document.
  • We have a team of structure engineers who makes detailed Structure drawings for Residential and commercial buildings as well for big size project also.
  • KES CAD Service Provide Detailed drawings of beams, columns, joists, stairs, lintels, roof frames, shelf angles, bearing plates, frames and wall partition supports and review of shop drawing.
  • Structural CAD Services can be use for 3D component creation these widely used parametric components are useful for creating the digital data for the products used in buildings such as furniture, lightning equipment, manufacturing units, refrigeration, plumbing fixtures, fire fighting fixtures, generators, control systems, CNC machines, sprinklers, fire hose cabinets, etc.
  • Structural CAD Services from 2d to 3D also use for future scope like Building coordination in 3D , Qty-take off, energy Analysis and Facility Management.


Structural drafting denotes all kinds of structural drawings that depict the structural details of buildings and their corresponding relationships. Structural drafting services, offered by CAD Services embrace a wide range of structural drawings like column and beam details, framing plans and details, wall sections, foundation plans, and also the details, schedules and sections necessary to describe the structural components of the building structure.

Structural Drafting Services at CAD Services are always in line with the highest international standards in terms of quality. We present you a wide range of services pertaining to structural drafting.

We have an experienced team of well-trained professionals who are able to handle all kinds of structural engineering project management and structural drafting drawing as required by our customers.


  • Expertise in Structural CAD Services can bring down the overall cost of the projects.
  • Better and more efficient designs in shorter time duration.
  • Easy to Modify and alterations using standard templates development
  • Reduce error percentage using fix set of standardizations.
  • Organization In fracture help designer to operate manual designing.
  • Easy to share for better communications
  • Improved accuracy over manual drawings.
  • It have tools to measure the precision, skill and level of the designs.
  • Our sample Project policy help customer to match both side requirement and standard which replace repetitive understanding for long term Project.
  • 3 Level of Quality check will reduce customer time line and match the project delivery.

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