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Construction Document

Construction Document

3D floor plans have reached to the highest level of importance with the development going on in the architectural sector.

KES capable team of Architectural , engineers and draftsman’s to keeping of the various technical document’s at cost –effective rates and review by the record document management.

  • KES company viewed as a concepts of Technical management systems. It is often viewed as a various International Building codes and construction standards which enables them to provide high precision and standardized outputs.
  • Many industry associations technical team has their own lists of standards that are used in their particular onsite construction process field.
  • The following are important aspects of Construction document.
  • Developing sets of construction drawing to manage   constant.
  • Reviews and approve documents prior to release.
  • Ensuring changes and revisions are clearly identified before construction start.
  • Ensuring that relevant versions of Technical documents are available at their “points of use“.
  • Preventing “unintended” use of obsolete documents.
  • Releasing construction documents with clash free identifications which improves accuracy and smooth management between Architectural, Structural and MEP team


Construction Agreements  to be used by the contracting officer (owner) and the contractor(Company) . The essential part of the contract   documents.

In General Conditions,This contract document will define the obligations and rights on how to execute the project. Overhead costs,    what to claim and your rights must be included in this portion of the contract.       

In Special Conditions , This is usually an extension of the contract and to the general conditions. This part must specify specific conditions and clauses to each particular project or job. Pay special attention to specific instructions and requirements on how to perform the work.


  • Less wastage of construction material and smooth work flow for site engineers
  • Easy to understand construction drawing with relevant Isometric and 3D Documentation at required stage
  • Complete Drawing sets with color Scheme to explain easily to contractor team
  • ROI Justifications for developer
  • Manage Project time line with Proper cash flow management by Qty and purchase planning
  • Project Cost & Status Tracking
  • Well Established Scope of Work
  • Efficient Quality Control & Inspections
  • Quick Change Order Approval
  • Centralize Document Storage at design and site locations
  • Increase Accessibility
  • Faster, Better QA/QC
  • Simpler Markups.
  • Powerful collaborative function.
  • Control and reduction of expenses.
  • Security control

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