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Family Creation

Family Creation

KES is a Autodesk Partner and we have a many Autodesk customers who are architecture and contractor specially associated with us to get Qty take-off no which is really support for Preparing documentation work for tender.

Revit have wonderful capabilities and tools to get  the Qty from Software tool from BIM Model and we  have many other tools which offers Qty from 2D  Drawings for Architectural, Structural and MEP components.

  • KES team work on template files are created  using clusters of families, in such a unique way that  pre-arranged space configurations as defined by the  Client design team; these are used to Quick-start for     new projects.  
  • KES experience in the field of Revit Family Creation  adds to handling BIM projects for its Family  parameters   
  • The BIM elements and content in these prototypes is highly parametric and customizable, enabling new projects to their early design process.
  • Revit specialists create custom parametric or generic families for architects, engineers, builders, fabricators, product manufacturers, etc. that aids in designing, planning and cost estimation for projects.
  • Standardizing your Existing BIM Content from various projects, by modifying it as per BIM family parameters, Best practices or Clients standards and ensuring that 3D geometry.
  • Manufacturers family parameters are considered during family creation that aids in designing, planning and cost estimation for projects estimate.
  • KES Team can develop parametric and generic doors, windows, ceiling, panels, stair cases, railings ,fixtures and furniture families with multiple parameters.
  • KES offer extensive Revit Content Creation Services for Architectural, Structural and MEP area extensively across USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.


  • Family creation is a service that can be used in all areas like residential, commercial, industrial and many more
  • Content creations or data base of Architectural , Structural and MEP library with various standard help consultant to deliver Project as soon as Possible to meet deadline.
  • Content library offers flexibly of parameters where change in one object can be reflect at every stage including BOM Specifications
  • Error can be resolved at early stage and provide more accurate design with library content
  • Data base of family reduces cost for HVHC Project once content library is ready as per end developer requirement
  • MEP have many complicated and small to big component required to generate BIM Model for 4D and 5D where some 3D models can be imported from other Software to Revit.

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