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CAD large data migration

Project Scope

  • Competitive gearbox product study for benchmark & project scope establishment of product development.


Project Journey & Solution

–  Studied competitive product & documentations

–  Extensive manual measurements and scanning of parts carried out

–  3D CAD modeling according to product architecture and functional design of the product

–  Analyzed generated details as per good practices of design for manufacturing & assembly

–  Manufacturing fits & tolerances information provided in drawings with best-detailing practices

–  Supported customer to establish the project scope with proper benchmark


Benefits to Customers 

–  Save a lot of time, cost & hassles in extracting micro information about competitive product performances and shortcomings

–  Benchmarking helped customers in better product definition over a competitive products which adds on advantages in market competitions


Air Equipment Manufacturing Industry


28 Aug 2021


CAD Conversion & Data migration

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Great Team and management. Step by step Process made the project really easy.