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Project ScopeĀ 

This Project was received by the Developer and we have to give him the exact BOM before the Actual Project construction stage.


We are getting late input from Architectural, Structural and MEP Consultant and another side developer have a good team to finish Bungalow with the given deadline.
We have very very little time to finish the project on time as after getting Input from the Architect developer is asking for immediate delivery of the BOM.


We have to manage a team in a way to finish Project with the given timeline and Support developer to get exact Qty in less time after getting input from relevant Consultant


Developer based in Gujarat


28 Aug 2021


3D Modeling

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KES team has turned around the estimation job in a very short term with the difficult deadlines and less support. Must say that this project could not have been finished in time if KES wasn't there to manage it.