Khodiyar Consultancy

Construction Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Project Scope

  • The requirement was to create a multi-configuration 3D model of a steel mold assembly for bridge cement pillars.


Project Journey & Solution

–  Studied customer’s manufacturing processes & design support requirements

–  3D modeling was executed with the use of a design table to identify the fixed and variable parameters of the design.

–  Manufacturing information like Welding, fabrication & assembly information added on drawings

–  Standard parts library created in Solidworks software.

–  Extend design support up to the manufacturing.


Benefits to Customers

–  Reduction in time to create the mold assembly model.

–  Fast & error-free manufacturing drawing release for various configurations of the mold.

–  Better visualization of the mold setup arrangement.


Construction Company


28 Aug 2021


3D Modeling

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Great team to work with. Quick turnaround time.