Khodiyar Consultancy

Static & dynamic structural analysis

Project Scope

  • To rectify the causes of pouring system’s part failure during working

Project Journey & Solutions

– Model the near to actual case scenario with proper boundary & loading conditions to assess the factor of safety distribution in affected portion of the system

– Derived the contradict safe results in computer simulation method

– Extend the analysis scope to the material selection, manufacturing and assembling procedures

– Identify the issues in improper material and process selection with minor misalignment in locating of part

– Changes suggested & successful operation of the system performed


Benefits to Customers

– Secure customer to deliver products within deadlines with certainty in successful operation

– Changes suggested in the affected system helped him to reflect in other systems to avoid future hassles


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Industry


28 Aug 2021


FEA Simulation
3D Modeling
Rendering & animation

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